DIY Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

Your wedding day is going to be a wonderful flurry of emotions, friends, family, loved ones, and more. You may not be able to greet all of your guests when they arrive, but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with some quick and easy DIY welcome bags that say, “Hey! Thank you for coming; we’re glad you’re here!”

Creative Containers
You can’t have a welcome bag without, well, a bag. Stick with the classics and use a canvas tote, or get creative with themed containers like galvanized pails for garden themed weddings, antique boxes for vintage themes, or wicker baskets for rural themes.

Foods and Snacks
Fill your guests’ bags with sweet and savory goodies to tide them over if they’ve arrived after dinner, or to satiate those late night cravings.

Keep ‘Em Hydrated
Provide a couple bottles of water, complete with custom labels, to complement your wedding colors or theme. You can also throw in beverages that reflect the theme of your wedding, like coconut water for tropical themes or a tea kit for vintage themes.

Be Prepared
Michigan weather is sketchy at best. It’s not uncommon to experience all four seasons in one day, especially during spring-time. For hot days, fill your welcome bags with sunscreen, fans, and sunglasses. For cold days, put some chapstick, tea bags, and hand warmers in your guests’ goodie bags. If the weather is calling for rain on your big day, get some cute mini-umbrellas or ponchos for your welcome bags.

Can’t Go Wrong With a Hangover Kit 
Don’t let your guests regret that last drink at the reception. Make a goodie bag filled with home-remedies for hangovers like bottled water, advil, alka-seltzer, popcorn, and more.

Emergency Kit
Hangovers aren’t the only “emergency” that may occur during your ceremony or reception. Supply your guests with a mini-sewing kit, a first-aid kit, stain remover, and gum to cover any unexpected hiccups and keep the party going!